How to Buy Exchange Maltese Driving Licence

( 19/01/2013 )

Driving licence exchange in Malta

Driving licences are valid for 10 years.

Driving licences for novice drivers of are valid for:

  • 3 years - category A
  • 3 years - category B

Driving licences for elderly drivers over 70 years are valid for:

  • 5 years - category A
  • 5 years - category B


Non-EU driving licences - exchange & recognition

You can drive with a valid EU driving licence as long as it remains valid. During same period you have the option to exchange your licence for ease of renewal and duplicates in case of loss or theft.

All valid EU driving licences can be used in Malta.

The Authority exchanges all licences issued in the EU , such cases are treated individually.

The Authority may consider exchanging other non-EU licences if Malta has an agreement of mutual recognition from the originating country.

Check for more detailed information on how to exchange your foreign driving licence in Malta and get relevant forms, if available.


1. Model M1. The entitlement of licence categories is indicated by:
•a printed licence category letter next to the category description (under the heading Timbru/Stamp) — from 1991 to mid-1997 or
•a printed licence category date next to the category description (under the heading Timbru/Stamp) — from mid-1997 until the end of 2000.
2. Model M1. This category entitles a holder to drive taxi/chauffeur-driven vehicles limited to eight passenger seats excluding the driver. This category was issued until 31 December 2000. From this date onwards, B1 has referred to tricycles and quadricycles as defined in Directive 91/439/EEC (see model M2).
Model M1. D1 licence category (introduced in 1998) refers to 18-seater minibuses, excluding the driver. This was converted to national category ‘f’ in 2001.
Model M1. Licence restrictions, if any, are to be found in one of the two large boxes on the licence, either in written text, typed or printed.
Model M2. Together with the photo-card licence, a paper counterpart licence (size A4) is also issued and this must be carried together with the driving licence photo card.
Model M2. Probationary driving licences, introduced in January 2004, are issued to first-time licensees for three years and are subject to a penalty points system — following an accumulation of 12 points within the three-year period, the licence will be revoked for a minimum of three months; otherwise the licence will be renewed normally.
7. Model M2. Category F entitles a holder to drive vehicles used for the carriage of persons having more than 16 seats including the driver seat but not more than 19 seats, including the driver seat and may be obtained only by those drivers who hold subcategory D1.
M: Description and security features
Model M1.
Description: Licence is printed in two languages, Maltese and English. Pink paper licence, size 221 mm x 100 mm when opened, first issued in July 1991, replaced the old red booklet licence model.Security features: The paper licence is serial-numbered on two sides and covered with small Malta police emblems. A larger police emblem is embossed partly on the photograph and partly on the licence and a large Maltese emblem (coat of arms), sensitive to ultra violet, can be seen in the central large box (over one of the serial numbers).
Model M2.Description: Pink plastic photo card (Fortas type) model, size 85.4 mm x 54 mm (ID Format), issued in 2001, in con-formity with 91/439/EEC.Counterpart: On the front part, this document contains the serial number, personal details, licence number, scanned signature of licensee, licence category entitlement and validity (from/to), information codes, record of penalty points and licence validity dates of licensees over 70. The bottom part serves as the receipt of the licence. On the back part, the counterpart licence contains the address of the issuing licensing authority, description of the licence categories in Maltese and English and description of the main EU and national information codes.Security features: Consists of very durable and flexible ‘Fortas’ plastic card; sensitive to Ultraviolet light, showing five Maltese emblems (coat of arms) on the front and back of the photo-card licence, contains ‘Ghost’ image of licensee; mi-crolettering around the blue square containing the letter M (Malta) and yellow stars; Maltese emblem embossed on the back of the licence. The counterpart (paper) licence is a serial-numbered blue and pink document with watermark.